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AL-27 LDPE Sleeve
4 ( P/N: W00633 )

Mobel:  AL-27
● MOQ :  100pcs
● Packing details:  
● Payment Terms:  T/T in advance, Paypal, Western Union


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Aluminum Pipe and Joint System

1. The density of aluminum is as smaoo as 2.7 g/cm, which is only 35% of that

    of steel. This makes the aluminum pipes and joints to be lightweight.

2. The aluminum surface generales naturally the aluminum oxide. which prevents 

    any further oxidixation, thus to prolong the life time of the product.

3. The aluminum material can be recycled and the recoverable value is high.

    It is environmentally friendly.

4. After the oxidation treatment on the surface, the aluminum material has a 

    fine apperarnce and better plasticity.

5. According to different requirement, you can DIY freely and assemble

    the pipe and joints into a variety of structures.


Weight: 18g / pcs