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SL-502 Ionizing Air Bar
4 ( P/N: W00671 )

Mobel:  SL-502
● MOQ :  1set
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● Payment Terms:  T/T in advance, Paypal, Western Union


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SL-502 ion wind stick

1. Beautiful appearance, fine production and novel design.
2. Rugged and durable, strong winds and poor working conditions on the way.
3. Neutralize static electricity quickly, good dust removal effect and low balance voltage.
4. The rod has a special strip slot, and the mounting bolt can be moved and convenient.
5. The mesh yarn effectively prevents the finger from directly contacting the high-voltage ion needle and causing high-voltage electric shock.
6. The wind stick has good grounding protection.

Model SL-502
Use voltage 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Output voltage  AC 7.0KV
Working distance 100-300mm
Working temperature  0-50 °C
Working humidity <70%
Net weight ≈1.1kg/600mm (including 3m high voltage wire)
Rod length  200-3000 mm (customized according to customer requirements)