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Pneumatic Screwdriver
4 ( P/N: W00663 )

Mobel:  T-PB
● MOQ :  10pcs
● Packing details:  10pcs/box
● Payment Terms:  T/T in advance, Paypal, Western Union


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                         More Features of New Generation Series


1. Easy to switch the direction by single hand.

2. Air motor will automatically stop when the load reaches at the pre-set torque

3. Patent MSC clutch system- The one pulses has the merits of low vibration (less than 2.5ms) and low torque deviation(+3%)

4. Low Weight: All new patent mechanical design and grip material-25%-44% lighter than other brand.

5. Outside-Adjust the torque rapidly: Tum right to increase and left to decrease.

6. Comfort: Soft resin ergonomic grip design best balance and easy to trip.


                   More Features of HR Series


1. Easy to switch the direction by single hand.

2. Excellent Accuracy for various applications and easy torque adjustment.

3. Oil tree for better performance & durability.

4. Stable, smooth, durable and environmental;

5. OEM or ODM is available in our factory;

Warm tips:

1. Check before using.

2. Add 2-3 drops of air lube oil into the air tools before & after

3. If find any part borken or missing, do not use it until it is fix

4. Do not overload the air tools

Using Steps

1. Left turn                 Right turn                           2. Torque up & down


3. Change more 1/4 bits                                        4. Torque accuracy


Operating Instructions

1. Gently turn the air valve indicating switch R for clockwise, L for counterclockwise) to set the rotor rotation direction,

2. Press down the tool to rotate the rotor to increase the tightness of torque and safety. And take it up will stop working .

3. Turn the torque Ring to regulate the torque, turn right for increased, turn left for decreased.

4. The clutch mechanism shuts off the air supply when the preset torque setting is achievedn preventing over- torque conditions form occurring.

5. Gently press down the bit slide sleeve to replace the screwdriver head. Color rings are used to manage and identify the torque of the screwdriver and some other work for scene management.

Air supply conditions and precautions.

1. It will have a negative impact on a pneumatic tool if the air compressor contains too much water vqpour and dust. So the air hose must be equipped with water vapour filter and automatic lubricating oil supply to filter undesirable things, and drain away water through the sink every day.

2. When you assemble a new pneumatic screwdriver, please connect the air inlet hose and its joint to the air inlet bushing.

3. Prevent gathering water vapour or dust in the air hose and its joint, keep the hose clear, or the air hose bore would become narrow after long time using.

4. When separate the air hose form the pneumatic screwdriver, be careful not to fall the hose on the floor, the dust and other undesirable things may come  into the air hose to damage the tool.

5. General suggest the main air hose pressure should be 7.0kg/cm 2 or 8.0kg/cm 2, and before connect to the minor air hose you must assemble a air pressure regulator to regulate it to 5.5kg/cm2 or 6.0kg/cm2, please follow the specification table to choose the minor air hose bore, which is very important and mecessary for the pneumatic screwdriver to get the furthest torque. But it is recommended to use air pressure 5.0kg/cm2 for minor air hose, itis enough for most screws. Prevent to use over-air pressure, or it will shorten the use age of the pneumatic screwdriver.

6. Assemble the air pressure regulator can stabilize the pressure in air hose, to ensure the accurate torque of pneumatic screwdriver.

Maintenance items

1. Add lubricating oil to the pneumatic screwdriver if don't use in short period to avoid rusting and damaging. Develop the habit to lubricate it before leaving work.

2. Before adding lubricating oil by a hand operated oil pot ,remember to seperate the air hose from the pneumatic screwdriver, add the lubricating oil into the air inlet bushing(#30-#60)(Mbil-1). after connecting them, start the tool to run itself for 20s to finish the lubricating. Once to twice a day can extend the use age.

3. When replace the soft cover, put it into the torque ring first, then blow air with air pressure to expand the external diameter, and push the soft cover upward at the same time.