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S5331-Double Soldering Robot
4 ( P/N: W00655 )

Mobel:  S5331D
● MOQ :  1 set
● Packing details:  1 set / carton
● Payment Terms:  T/T in advance, Paypal, Western Union


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Starobot Soldering Robot:

Soldering Robot provides the best solution for soldering job on lead-free, heat dissipating PCB, and high thermal capacity components. It is suitable for all sorts of difficult soldering tasks and micro soldering process. It effectively improves the soldering quality and consistency. Besides, it saves 30% of the solder consumption comparing to manual soldering.

Solder Joint Range
X500* Y1/300*Y2/300*Z100mm(XxYxYxZ)
Solder Time
Repeat Positioning Accuracy
Solder Wire Diameter
0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 (mm)
Air source 
0.4-0.6 MPA
Program Capacity
999 files, each file can save up to 999 points
External Dimensions(WxDxH)
820mm x 600mm x 800mm 
about 65kgs


1.High power heating controller ensures the tip temperature to reach 350°C within 30 seconds;
2.With the sleeve design, the soldering tip can be replaced quickly and easily.
3.Intelligent solder feeding mode, parameters can be set freely.
4.Automatic tip cleaning function by airflow cleaning, the residual dross on the tip can be blown off easily.